Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Railroad to Nowhere - 1201

Abandoned Dredge

We are finally taking road trips out of Nome.   Our first trip - the road to Council which doesn't reach Council just up to the river crossing that will take you to Council.   75 Miles of road and we passed two cars.  Busy Day. 

Railroad to Nowhere
100 years ago the bridge connecting this railroad to the outside was washed out, stranding these locomotives on a track owned by a failed company. 

Pictures, at least mine, don't do this justice.

This is the end of the trail, unless you are comfortable crossing a river in your truck.  We passed. 


Anonymous said...

Henry wants to see more pictures of the trains!
Good to see you are getting out a bit, and that Precipice is in a warmer spot for the winter.
Dan (and Henry Danger)

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog untill 2009 when you stopped posting for several months.
Just haply I opened your blog and I am happy to see that you are posting again.
Good luck.