Sunday, August 07, 2011

Nome to Cordova picture fix

 Bianca on Deck - Sailing in the Bering Sea means survival suits and multiple layers.

 Jannelle getting ready to put up the mainsail.

 The entrance into False Pass, and our first view of the Aleutian Islands

 The entrance into False Pass is very shallow, with strong tidal currents.  We entered just as the tide was changing in our favor.  Initially we had 25kts of wind and 3kts of current against us.

We spent Five Days in False Pass waiting for the wind to die down for our sail to Cordova.  We met Mark and Nancy, famous high latitude sailors with their steel ketch Tamara.

 As we neared Prince William Sound, the sun came out.

 Green, TREES, Sun, Warm Water.

 Dedicated watch keeper.

 A pod of Orca.

 Bianca at the Helm.

 We anchored at Double Harbor for the night.  Our eyes were still adjusting to the green.

We went for a swim from the boat for the first time since 2008 when we decided to turn left instead of right when leaving the St. Lawrence Seaway.

 Sun Hats!


 The Town of Cordova, winter home of Precipice 2011-2012

We constructed a cover frame and installed shrinkwrap.  Cordova gets more rain than West Michigan, which is saying something.

 We were lucky to meet Kim and Kirsten of S/Y Sol, from Denmark.  They have cruised the equivalent of two circumnavigations, most of it high latitude.  They hope to make the Northwest Passage next summer.  They also helped us get our plastic cover on during the short break between rainstorms.

Shrinking the Plastic around the Frame

Precipice all snug and ready for winter.

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Good preparations before sailing on high latitude,hiring of sailors makes it much safer. Nice pictures though!