Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leaving the Bering Sea

Precipice has left the Bering Sea, and we are not going to miss it. The majority of our time in the Bering Sea since we sailed into it two years ago has been spent sailing in rain, 6-8 foot square waves, and temperatures in the mid 40-50 degree range. It is very much like sailing Lake Michigan . . . in December. We made it to False Pass next to Unimak Island in five days from Nome. We are waiting here until a front passes through tomorrow morning and then we will be on our way to Prince William sound. It is beautiful in the Aleutian Islands and it is great to finally be here after a lifetime of imagining what they are like. Everyone has their sea legs back, and it feels really good to be moving in Precipice again.

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Life 102 said...

Glad to see you bloggin again, I've been trying to keep up with you all through Rachael's blog. So, are you leaving Nome for good or just for some travel? Hope the family is doing well!