Sunday, February 07, 2010

Honor Student

Jannelle spends many hours a night studying.

Last year Jannelle and Bianca were home schooled in the boat on the water in Newfoundland.  It was a struggle for Deb, who would rather have a classroom of 26 students than two of her own.  We home schooled because the Canadian federal government wouldn't allow our children in school unless we left the country and reentered and applied for a student visa.   We didn't really want to spend a couple grand to leave the country and return to have the "chance" at getting a visa.  We received much help from many local people who were sympathetic to our desire to have our children learn in a foreign country, including the school they initially started attending.  In the end we were blessed by a very active local home school group.  Even though Deb has been a professional educator for almost two decades, you always wonder how you did.  Well, it seems we did OK.  This morning Jannelle was one of the dozen kids in Junior High and High School that was honored for having a 4.0 average for the last semester.  All straight A's.  This didn't come easy for her.  We have been happy with the school system here in Nome.  They still give homework, they expect it to be done, and you don't get to sleep in class listening to your Ipod, and the students score well on national tests.  Jannelle earned this.  We are proud of her.
We now have one of those "Honor Student" bumper stickers on our 4 wheel drive Man Van