Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nome Part Deux

Our dingy is persistently missing. We are outside of our trip parameters, so we are going to pull Precipice here - a plan "C" that was something we had prepared for. Right now we are looking for jobs, trying to find housing, enrolling the kids in school, and getting Precipice ready for winter. Real winter. At least that was the plan as of 8AM this morning. Thank you to everyone who have left comments, and sent us email. I just cleaned out my email account of spam and I have over 400 emails that I have to respond to. I haven't had real Internet access since August 27. Sorry for the delay.

Rolland's 7 Handy Trip Parameter Guides:
1. Are you still having fun? - Yes
2. Is all safety equipment intact? - No, Halocline the dingy/liferaft is missing.
3. Are you getting stronger or weaker? - Stronger.
4. Is your equipment getting hardened or is it breaking down? - Engine out of commission.
5. Do you have adequate spares? - Not enough valve springs.
6. Have you kept to your trip schedule/weather benchmarks that you made when you weren't tired and cold? - We made the Arctic Circle before the end of Sept. but we haven't made Dutch Harbor by Oct. 5.
7. Is everyone healthy? - Yes.

If any one of these seven are negative, I abort the trip and go to the nearest point of safety. We have three negatives. Time to pull.


Drew Smith (mux) said...

That trip checklist is great; I'm definitely stealing that. I'll probably print it up and post it over my nav table.

Your blog is very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I agree, your Precipice blog and adventures have been inspiring.

Was just in St. John's NF, visited Quidi Vidi and visualized Precipice tied up there. Would not have known to walk over there from Signal Hill without your blog. (We loved St John's and did some great East Coast Trail hikes.)

Nome in winter shouldn't be worse than St. John's???

D in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

We sure are glad you are safe in Nome. Can certainly understand the need to winter over somewhere. Not sure we would choose Nome after hearing from some friends of ours who spent the winter last year near Stebbins. They will be living in Valdez this year and were looking forward to meeting your family there! More Michigan-ders on an adventure in Alaska! Best wishes to you in whatever you are led to do! God Bless YOU All! Dave & Donna

Trey said...

The Coast Guard's official opinion on this is.....We wish everyone was as smart and well prepared a you and your family!!!!!Safe travels and if you need anything please let us know!
(ps Jenny is Pregnant!)