Friday, October 30, 2009

How it really happens: Part 3 - 541

"I will update my site with pictures and more details of our adventures but I want to start with first things first. We by ourselves didn't get through the passage. A whole bunch of people got through the passage with us. We received an unbelievable amount of help pulling this off and I am going to start by recognizing these folks."

5. Dan and Carrie Elzinga: Dan and Carrie showed up at our doorstep one day to invite us to attend their house Church. I had on an angry tear stained face, my hands were covered in work grease, my eyes were red, and Deb and I were in the middle of an argument Deb and I had also just got done with a horrible house Church experience the month before. I told them that we would come, but that I wasn't really sure we were interested in a house Church right now (and thinking to myself that I wasn't interested in Church of any form period.) They still invited us over. These two people just plain took care of us, and showed us love. They put up with our kids, our dog, my whacked sense of humor and became good friends. Dan is humble and gentle (in the Matthew 11:29 sense, not a weak baby sense), and Carrie goes between wanting to kill me or hug me but always loves. When it came time for us to leave, they let us borrow their car and worked hard along side of us as we did the hardest part of this whole thing: Leaving. They also took under their care our very loved and very needy dog, Sheba. We felt very good about that. They discipled us, loved us, took care of us, fed us, and taught us. We needed them. The only thing we had to give back was friendship and prayer. We are thankful for that friendship.

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Unknown said...

We are very grateful for your friendship, and the prayers that you have offered for us, we have felt discipled by you and learned so much about what church really is from you guys.
I will make one correction to your post though: that would be "Über needy dog"...
We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Dan & Carrie