Thursday, October 29, 2009

How it really happens: Part 2

Giving thanks part 2:

4. Graham Dillabough: I really should thank the entire group of Ham Radio operators who make up S.O.N.R.A. I will. But Graham really stands out. When I started the project of installing a high frequency amateur/marine radio system with global email capability on my boat I had no idea the learning curve I would face. Graham stuck with me through the entire curve. We first started off by building a bookshelf, but the next project was building a dual VHF/HF SWR meter. Probably most of you don't know know what this is, and neither did I. I had worked 20 years in electronics, but had little experience in RF (Radio) energy. Enter Graham. I am completely used to being the person with the technical experience and it was nice for once in my life to have someone who thoroughly understood something technical that I didn't and was willing to share it. I became the "grasshopper" and he became master Po. We blew through a spring worth of Saturdays, weekday late night sessions, three radios, and a half dozen ground solutions before we had a rock solid email and emergency radio system with redundant power and antenna's. This system worked flawlessly allowing me to communicate with the NW Passage net and update my blog through HF email throughout the entire passage. In the meantime, Graham was a patient friend who really made my winter in Newfoundland worth it. Graham also owns a Lotus 7, bonus. When I come back to Newfoundland, it will be to see Graham. Thanks Graham.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Rolland! I appreciate the kind words. It was my pleasure to help you and your family out. I am glad everything worked.