Thursday, September 03, 2009

Motoring Along

We are motoring in no wind through Dease Strait. Tomorrow and Saturday we are expecting winds up to 30kts, right on our nose so we will likely be looking for a hidey spot since we are neither good at going to windward with a gaff rig, and we don't have the horsepower to pound into waves. You work with what you have.

As far as email goes, it looks like I will be able to connect to Alaska from here on out - I hope.

All is well.

We would like to thank Captain Steve, First Mate Jason and the crew of Nunakput who showed us so much hospitality, especially for the use of their galley table to perform surgery on a sail. True Ambassadors of the North!

Rolland for the Trowbridges



YO!...Great updates as I missed the past few..And smashing photos.Im enjoying following your adventure.THANKYOU..Stay safe and GOD BLESS .....ACES

Unknown said...

Hi Trowbridges! Congrats on clearing the passage!!! You had me worried for a couple days when SPOT didn't update.