Saturday, July 04, 2009

We are on the move.

Precipice is on the move again. After spending nine months tied up in the same place the process of leaving was just as, if not more, painful than leaving Grand Rapids. We had made great friends here - and they were extremely difficult to leave also. We did the same thing we did last time we left; we said our goodbyes and then sailed a short distance to another port to sort through all our stuff. Just like last time we had acquired more thing than we could possible bring along leaving us with four days of difficult decisions. We are ready to go now, but our weather router tells us to stay. Something about gale force winds and 12-18 foot seas. I guess we will listen to him. Our destination is Greenland. or Iceland or maybe we will turn south. Or not.

In the meantime, our website got hacked. Actually, my site provider got hacked. I would clean my site and then get hit again. I have now changed providers, and my site is clean but I am still waiting for Google to proclaim it clean.

In the meantime, I will be updating here.

You can follow our spotter when it gets activated:

You can see our past route:

We hope to have a better weather window by July 7, maybe 10.

Thanks to Patric Collins of the Artful Dodger II for the above picture showing Precipice and Rachael's boat Chanty tied up in Quidi Vidi.

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Unknown said...

Google has reviewed the site, and it's now clean.