Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Day

The wind never picked up until about 9:30PM tonight. We spent the day in t-shirts and soaked in the sun. It was about 75 degrees with no wind. We felt like it was a vacation day. I programmed the SSB frequencies for Greenland and did some reading about Greenland. Deb did some reading and organizing, and the girls listened to a book on CD that was given to us by Ted Blades, the radio show host who interviewed us last month.

The water is crystal clear, but 48 degrees cold.

The wind picked up from the south, so right now we are sailing wing on wing (one sail on either side, front sail held in place with a spinnaker pole). Precipice is a good downwind boat, something a gaff rig is really good at. We have about 5kts of wind and are making 3.5kts which feels fast after being becalmed for a bit. The moon isn't as bright as the last few nights, and we are moving faster so we have the radar on full time and are keeping a close watch. We really don't want to hit any bergy bits.

Grace and Peace,

Rolland for the Trowbridge family

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