Sunday, July 19, 2009

To much, to little, wrong way . . .

There is a negative saying among sailors that there is either too much wind, too little wind or it is from the wrong direction. We have had our share of too little wind, and all day today the wind was coming from where we wanted to go requiring us to take a tack away from the wind. Later in the day the wind died down. So we had too little wind coming from the wrong direction. I just got off my watch and the wind has picked up, and it is from a slightly more favorable direction and we are on the move again after sitting still for two hours.

We were without heat last night and today because the fuel pump for the heater failed. I just happen to have a spare and spent four hours installing it this afternoon and then rebuilding the old one with the rebuild kit I have had around for about three years. So now I have a spare for the spare.

Anyway, I haven't slept more than four hours in two days so I am a bit tired. Glad to be off my watch and time for bed. I hope the wind decides on a direction.

Everyone is glad to be warm again. It got down to 46 in the cabin. The water temp here is 38. Jannelle is slowly getting over seasickness . Bianca still hates when the boat leans. We are all getting used to being on the water again.

Rolland for the Trowbridges

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The Artful Dodger said...

Artful here watching you and hoping all is well and you soon find goods winds. Your spot has stop, so will have to wait for your updates to know al is well, there are lots of people dropping by asking about all and how your doing I say great and pass along your site.

Patric and Karin