Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some wind found us

Today is just about the complete opposite of yesterday. The air temp is 8 deg. (48F), the water temp is 5 deg. (42f). Fortunately our heater is working great and it is 20 degrees inside (70f0. The wind has continued to pick up and move from the south to south/southwest. The wave heights are 2-3 meters (6-9ft) with the occasional 4 meter (12foot) wave thrown in. The plus side is that with the wind we can sail quite nicely and the waves are following waves so they seem less ferocious. We are now moving around 5kts, about as fast as we would like to go as we keep our eyes peeled for ice. We haven't seen any ice for about 150nm. Going with the wind gives us the advantage that any ice we are likely to meet will be the bigger more visible pieces with the smaller pieces trailing behind. In theory. We are all feeling pretty good except for Jannelle who has fed the fishes for dinner. She is keeping down liquids though, so she will be all right. Our windvane self steering gear really is a blessing in conditions like this, freeing us up to concentrate on our lookout. Depending on the visibility tonight we may heave to (part the boat) to avoid sailing without seeing where we are going. Deb has been cranking out great meals even in the rougher weather. Thanks to Carl who gave us the Moose steaks. We all like moose.

Rolland for the Trowbridges

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