Monday, July 13, 2009

Sailing isn't for the impatient

We spent last night becalmed, in the fog. We have turned North towards Greenland after spending 24 hours motoring. We were able to sail, barely, for the afternoon but the wind slowly died down until there was nothing after dark. Then the fog set in, so we would have hove-to anyway because we do not feel comfortable moving unless we can spot ice. Our Cape Horn windvane works as advertised. As long as there was wind in the sails, it would steer. The self steering in light wind ability takes what is normally a difficult chore - chasing the wind when it is light, and makes it a simple matter of keeping watch. Last night Deb saw two different pods of Dolphin and several ships on the horizon. We have been keeping company with a good size iceberg that is traveling south while we travel north. I am sure that the guy who is rowing across the Atlantic is making better time than us. Even though we aren't moving very fast we are comfortable and are eating well. This is our home, so being becalmed is like spending a weekend at home for normal people (whatever that means). The wind picked up this morning and we were making a blazing 3kts over ground (1200 feet below us) but the wind has died down again. Hopefully it will pick up again after lunch.

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Unknown said...

I am following your progress with interest from Bonaventure, Que. All the best. Maurice