Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting somewhere

Today was a day spent getting to the next town. We have one more stop to make before we head out to the open ocean and make some time toward Nuuk, and that is the ghost town of Ittivut. We made it about half way today and are anchored in a little bay called Tunilliatsiaap Nunaa that is barely large enough for our boat. It is almost completely landlocked and well protected. If you go to the main website and click on "where we are" and then go to "satellite view" you can see the little spot we are in. We have been enjoying taking these little inside passages and the challenges they present navigating. Today, just as we got to the hard part, the fog set in.

Last night after dinner we found that another sailboat had snuck in. We went over to visit and got invited on board. The vessel was BestevearII, a Dutch yacht from Amsterdam owned and crewed by none other than Gerard Dijkstra - the man who designed the Maltese Falcon among other boats. We got a tour. It is hard to compare a 53 foot aluminum racer cruiser to a 30 foot heavy displacement wooden cruiser. They were making 200 mile days on the way over to Greenland from Europe. As soon as they found out Deb's parents were Dutch, they started to play Dutch bingo. For those who don't know, Dutch bingo is a game where all Dutch people must find out how they are related to each other, or at least know someone mutually. It is a compulsory tradition I have endured countless times since joining forces with Deb.

One more thing, as we go further north it gets trickier to send email through the HAM radio. I may end up missing days depending on propagation and frequency use. The villages here use something close to my main frequency so it is difficult to send when I am close to a town.

We will sleep good tonight if our anchor holds.

Rolland for the Trowbridges


Anonymous said...

Hello Trowbridges!
SOunds like a wonderful adventure you are having! Elena sure enjoys reading about your adventures! Our prayers are with you for a continued safe journey to wherever you sail to. Elena misses you and hopes you are having fun!
The Griewahn's (Elena had Deb as 1st grade teacher at Excel)

Unknown said...

Hi Deb, Rolland, Bianca and Jannelle.
It is good to see that you are enjoying the Greenland scenery and peoples. It certainly makes up for the less pleasant parts of passage making. I can't wait till you reach Ilulissat, the breeding ground of icebergs...
Enjoy, Maurice and Bernie