Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Portland Pudgy Part 5 - 209

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When the mother ship is tied up at a slip I need a sailing fix.  The sailing rig on the Pudgy does just that for me.  It takes me less than five minute to rig the Pudgy for sailing, and the best part is that the entire sailing rig fits inside the watertight storage compartments inside the dingy.  Sailing also beats rowing from the way out anchorage or mooring field.  

How does it sail?  It sails like a bathtub with a mast.  Maybe a little better.  We do not have the performance dagger boards, and I hear that they help the sailing characteristics tremendously.  The present dagger boards are set up more for the self rescue option, I think. It is a stable sailboat, it really likes winds in the 15-20kt range.  Below 8 kts of wind and I can row faster, although I usually don't because it is easier to use the wind and I am not in a rush.  It is a fun boat to sail though, and simple enough that my girls can sail it.  It is stable enough that I don't have to worry about them in the Pudgy alone.

The sailing kit is the main reason we do not have an outboard motor for our Dingy yet.  The sailing kit also makes the Pudgy a viable self rescue craft.  

Next up:  The Liferaft Option

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