Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Installing Windvane Self Steering Gear Part 10 - 223

After I mounted the windvane tube through the large hole in my boat, and attached the control lines, I found that my windvane could barely steer my boat.  I called Yves, who has always answered the phone immediately every time I call.  He suspected that the steering oar was undersized for my vessel.  He took it upon himself to look my boat up after the call, and sent me an email to tell me that I had rigged my windvane up incorrectly.  The picture above is the one he saw.  My control lines need 2 to 1 purchase in order to work correctly.  The way I have them set up here is 1 to 1.  
I guess the lesson in this is that as soon as you yourself get your windvane set up, snap a digital photo and send it to Yves.  He will very likely have some suggestions to improve your set up.  He very much wants your vane to work perfectly, and unlike some companies who sell products they haven't actually used, Yves has the experience it takes to actually help you.  Am I a fan?  Well, have you ever had a company look you up on the web and check out how you are using their product and then emailing you with a fix for the problem you are having?  First time for me.  

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