Thursday, December 11, 2008

Installing Windvane Self Steering Gear Part 9 - 218

Note: If you have been referred here by another site, 
this is only part of a multipart series. 
Once you drill the holes in the mounting tube and the windvane tower you have a little bit of a problem.  You have a long tube with holes in it, and you have backing plates and screws - but you do not have a way to get the backing plates in the tubes.  This calls for a little of what Gollum calls "getting tricksy".   This part of the job is definitely a two person task.  Take a string and tie a nail to it.  Drop the nail through the tube end to end and then tie the backing plate to the string that is now through the tube.  Cap Horn supplies some double sided tape so that the backing plate will stay in place once you line it up an get a screw in place, but it didn't help me.  Once you line up the plate with one of the holes, put a screw in it without putting your strut in place.  Now remove the string.  What I did was take my lighter and burn the string off the plate.  Now, put your strut mount over the second hole sideways (leaving the first screw in for now).  Put your second screw in through the strut mounting plate into the backing plate.  Now remove the first screw and turn the strut mounting plate so that it lines up with the second hole and backing plate.  Now thread the second screw through the strut mounting plate into the backing plate.  

Here my daughter Bianca pulls the string up and down to line up the holes.
Sorry about the glare from my head.

I used a small nail to help line up the backing plate before I put the first screw in.

Just as you think you have it all lined up something moves.

I use my lighter to burn the string off of the plate.  I already have one screw threaded in.

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