Friday, November 07, 2008

New York is the Polar Opposite of Newfoundland - 183

I spent a week with Rachael in New York city to get her Catalina 27 ready to sell, and ready for winter.   While in NY, I took a drug test, got a physical and updated my emergency first aid/cpr certification.  I also sat for my Ham Radio exams.  I took the class with Deb and Rachael two and a half years ago, but the night of the test I couldn't make it because I ended up dealing with some unruly customer at work (ahhhhhh, I really miss that!) and never took the test.  I took the technicians test and passed with three wrong.  The people administering the test said that since I did so well I should take the General test, the next level up.  I took it and failed by one question. ( I was guessing on a bunch of them, this is no easy little test like drivers training or something)  the group there encouraged me to try again, which I did and I passed by one question.  I walked out a happy boy. 

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