Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Installing Windvane Self Steering Gear Part 5 - 196

Note: If you have been referred here by another site, this is only part of a multipart series.  To see the rest of the story click here and start from the bottom.

After laying every part of the windvane out and labeling each part, I started measuring the spot where the windvane was designed to go.  This was all done in preparation to build the vane, but now I am making sure the vane was built correctly, and to double check and make sure what Yves and I thought would work a month an a half ago will work now.   I take drilling a hole in my boat pretty seriously.  If I get it wrong, I have to live with it forever.  It is extremely easy to drill holes in the wrong place, or find that the hole you drilled goes right through something important.  On my installation I found I had to go down about an inch and a half from where we originally thought we could go because the upper board for the transom would have been cut in half and I didn't want to loose that strength.    I marked everything with pencil and I marked both sides to make sure I knew EXACTLY where everything would end up.  
This all may seem obvious, but I have messed things like this up before on other installations.  

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