Thursday, November 06, 2008

Installing Windvane Self Steering Gear Part 1 - 182

Note: If you have been referred here by another site, this is only the first part of a multipart series.  To see the rest of the story click here and start from the bottom.
 I spent about ten years researching the windvane question.  Next to choosing the boat, choosing a windvane was the the most confusing and time consuming part of the cruising equipment equation.  The difficulty of choice was similar to the difficulty of choosing a boat in that windvanes are all equally praised by their owners.  Like a boat, each windvane on the market does it's job.  Like a boat, each windvane has strengths and weaknesses.  Like a boat, everybody that owns one thinks it is the best one made.  Like a boat, windvane owners have little experience with other styles of windvanes.   Very few boats in the Great Lakes have windvanes, as in I might see one boat a year with a windvane.  I did a lot of reading.  I purchased books about windvanes. I purchased plans to build windvanes.  I tinkered around with sheet to tiller rigging. None of the things I did ever satisfactorily answered the questions I had in my mind about windvanes.  In the end, just like the boat, I decided that I was going to have to trust a person.  With my choice of boat, I ended up going with Lynn and Larry Pardey  (which makes many a sailor roll their eyes, but usually the ones who aren't actually out cruising).  With my windvane decision I decided to go with Yves Gelines.  


Anonymous said...

Would like to see stern shots and below decks images of the Cape Horn, as well as control line set-up.
Well done site...

Anonymous said...

HEY - nice to find this boat -- I took a look at her in Boston when she was for sale 3 or so years ago. Glad to see she's in capable hands. I love Yves! Ill be keepin' an eye on your progress.