Saturday, March 15, 2008

The pathetic kitchen sink - 54/91

Precipice came with a really pathetic galley. You couln't stand in front of the sink or the stove. A better place for the diesel heater I thought. Still, it is always a little unsettling to take a sawsall to something that is presently working, no matter how poorly. This little project seemed from the outset to be a simple task. It ended up taking a good part of the winter in stops and starts. I ended up running two separate fuel supplies to the heater, one gravity and one pumped so that the heater will work no matter what direction the boat is heeled. The carbeurator had to be repaced, and so did the water heating coil. In the end though, the heater was blessed more than the pope on those cold days working on the galley.

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Wow, I thought maybe you had fallen off the internet.
I don't want to hear ANYTHING from you about not maintaining my BLOG.