Tuesday, October 16, 2007

United States Maritime Academy - 206

I have been taking classes to get my Coast Guard captains licence. This is an intensive process that includes drug testing (I passed) a physical (still have to do visual and hearing), documenting your sea time (minimum of 360 days) attending 80 hours of class, getting a CPR licence and passing examinations. Oh, and 1200.00 for the class not including gas, testing, and physical. I figure that I will have 2 grand wrapped up in this by the time I am done. The closest USMA class is in Chicago, a 4 hour drive for me. Two to three times a week. So yes, I have once again proved that I am completely insane. There are closer classes, but not in the format USMA teaches with quality instructors, at least not that I could find with a 2 hour web search. I feel that this organization is worth the drive and the extra hassle. So far they have been excellent, and the rest of the class is quality, which also says much about the organization. You can have the best instructors in the world, but if the students they attract are fencepost IQ you yourself will not learn much, and believe me I speak from 20 years experience in the automotive field. What can I do with this licence? Captain a ferry, dive boat, charter boat, deliver a boat, charge people for a trip on my boat, teach a captain's class, and have that nice warm glow inside knowing that I accomplished something that others wont because they think I am crazy while they change the channel with the remote control.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Labor Day - 214

About 80% of our house church likes to sail. Unfortunately, 20% of them get really really sick. This is a higher percentage of sailors than other groups we have taken sailing with us. It was a great weekend. We had reserved a campground in White Lake for the weekend, but we never used it. People just camped out on deck, slinging hammocks and using sleeping bags.
Lunch time with Carrie and Dan, John and Faith. We are probably making 2kts. here. Nice for eating. I think Carrie said at least 15 times, "Did I say thank you for taking us sailing?".

John "the fish" proving that you can climb the mast using the hoops. Sorry girls, he just got married.

This lamprey decided Precipice was a giant fish and tried to suck it's blood. Pretty scary creature, like some kind of alien seeking to take over the ship. I think we took more pictures of him than anything else. I eventually got him to move on with an oar, but it wasn't easy and when he let loose he went right for me, bounced off and kept going. Feisty little guy. Good grip to.

Looking under Precipice's skirt.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Fifth Third River Bank Run - 216

This is an actual picture of me running the 5/3 River Bank Run - a 25K race. Apparently I wasn't as fast as the camera expected me to be. I finished in 2:32.

Monday, October 01, 2007

South Manitou Lighthouse - 221

Top 10 reasons not to tease your daughter about throwing her over the rail of a lighthouse:
10. You might be categorized with Michael Jackson.
9. Your daughter might have FIA on speed dial and reception is great up there.
8. You were told not to by the park ranger at the bottom before you went up.
7. The park ranger does not have your sense of humor.
6. The park ranger will kick everyone off the lighthouse if he catches you.
5. The other people on the lighthouse will not like it when their time is cut short.
4. The park ranger is in better shape than you, he rides his bike 12 miles a day.
3. The park ranger has been putting up with people like you all summer
2. The park ranger lives on an isolated island and knows where to hide your body.
1. The park ranger carries a bigger gun than you do.

(Not that this ever happened)