Saturday, September 15, 2007

North Channel - 238

This rock is 2 miles from the nearest land. I am about 50 yards from it, and I am in 98 feet of water. It is marked very clearly on a chart, but it sticks out of the water no more than 3 feet. There are many of them like this that are 3 feet under the water, we draw 6. Sailing in the North Channel (Upper Lake Huron) requires just a little bit more vigilance than sailing in Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is more like a giant bathtub, it is almost featureless compared to the North Channel. Don't get me wrong, lake Michigan is an awesome place to sail. If you would like to see where the North Channel is, click on my right sidebar "North Channel Pics", wait for it to load and push the map tab. Each picture will be on a place on the map.

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