Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Benjamin Islands - 233

Our next destination was the Benjamin Islands. Up to this point in the trip we were impressed by the beauty of what we had seen and were very grateful that we could take such a trip - but we were unprepared for the beauty of these islands. They took John island and made it seem drab. The blueberries were bigger and more numerous, the rock was stunning and the water was even clearer. We were warned that the harbor between the Benjamins would be busy - we even had people warn us not to go to the islands because they would be so crowded. It wasn't that bad, although once again the stinkpots were there. A disturbing habit they have is to start their generator and then dingy away from their boat and set up a chair someplace else so they themselves wouldn't have to listen to their generator. We on the other hand would get to listen to their generator drone on for hours. I really think the whole generator thing has gotten out of hand. A good compromise would be to limit generator run time to the hours of 10 -2. I would like to eat my dinner without listening to some stinkpot drone away.

The rock was what was stunning. You could climb up 200 feet of solid smooth rock that would glitter in the sun. Some spots you could actually see the direction the glaciers were grinding at the rock some 10,000 years ago. We went for several walks around the Island, picking blueberries and stopping to swim when we were hot.
The trees would grow in two inches of moss and peat. They could only grow so big until the wind would push them over. Then the tree would rot, and a new tree would take root and try again.

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