Monday, November 14, 2005

Shrinky Dink Sailboat and Varnish - Day 935

Went out to our sailboat to check on it while the wind gusted to 45 knots. It was an amazing cacophony of sound to hear the wind rushing through the rigging of hundreds of sailboats. If you looked up, you could almost imagine that you were sailing. This year we had the shrinky dink people put a door in our plastic cover so that we could get inside during the winter. This weekend we pulled all of the wood out of the interior to varnish piece by piece in the basement over the winter. If you do not enjoy varnishing things then you need to buy a boat made in the last decade. Every boat made earlier than about 1985 has little varnished wood pieces everywhere. Varnish is like the little protective piece of plastic that comes on the screen of your calculator when you buy it - temporary. If you want your wood to look like anything and boat to be worth anything then you are going to have to get used to varnishing. Fortunately I enjoy varnishing things, which is odd because I hate painting things with a passion. I think that it is because I enjoy wood, especially teak.

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