Thursday, November 17, 2005

First Sailing Voyage - Day 932

I will always remember the date November 17. It was the day that our family sailed together on our own boat for the first time. We froze. The waves were forcast to be 2-3 feet, we got 5-7 instead. 5-7 feet is no problem on our present boat. Our little 22 Ensenada trailerabole was overwhelmed. The waves went right over the cockpit. Everything on the boat leaked. The hatch, the centerboard trunk, the cockpit drains; everything. Every single piece of clothing was soaked with 44 degree (F) water. The sail was wet half way up the mast. We sailed for 22 miles and arrived in Grand Haven, MI exhausted. We tied up at a marina (free: not a soul in sight) and got a room at a bed and breakfast and ran their dryer all night long getting our clothing dried out. Everybody (except me) got seasick. The next day we motored back - Lake Michigan was a sheet of glass. Not a wisp of wind to be found. Ahhh. . . the memories. My family still went out sailing with me the next Spring. My wife is still married to me. I have got it good.

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