Saturday, October 08, 2005

Welcome to the Great White North - Day 972

All of a sudden winter cometh. Three days ago it was 85 degrees out. Today on the lake it peaked at 52 degrees. We went from shorts to several layers of wool and long johns. Sailing is still enjoyable at this temperature, but different. It takes on more of a feel of camping out. Sailing becomes more outdoors in the cold. I enjoy the cool weather, I always have. I can always add another layer of clothing. When the temp is 98 at 90 percent humidity I cant find another layer of clothing to take off. Looks like the haulout date is going to be October 22 this year. Still much earlier than our latest haulout of November 17 (and that sailing day is worth a blog in and of itself - coming in November.
The girls played up on deck like it was a balmy day, but they did run down below to warm up in the heated cabin. Rachael took a nap and Deb took the helm for the whole trip and docked the boat. Deb and Rachael are going to have to work on leaving and arriving. Nothing like stopping tons of boat with no brakes. Too slow and you have no rudder, too fast and you are going to leave a rookie mark on the dock. Deb managed a crosswind and limited visibility from roving children and slipped into dock like a pro. Next up - leaving the dock, a much more difficult maneuver. We all spent the meal (dinner at Chili's) talking about sailing around the world and finding a man for Rachael.
Wanted: Male companion that can handle conflict, close quarters, immune to seasickness, willing to travel around the world in a boat and work in foreign countries. Must be good with children and willing to learn to sail. Legal skills or diplomatic skills a plus. Christ like character a must. No need to walk on water, just be willing to carry it from dingy to boat over and over.
To see if you are qualified cut 2 feet off the length of a 4x8 piece of plywood. Now cut that piece in half and lay it horizontally at about a 20 degree tilt. Sleep on this for three hours. Get up and sit on the front steps of your house at 3AM, grip the railing to the steps, and look for anything moving toward your house. Now sell everything you own, except what you can fit in your pillowcase and then spray your belongings in the pillowcase with saltwater and then use it as a pillow when sleeping on your 2x6 piece of plywood. Now fill three milk jugs with water. This is what you will use for the next week for cooking, bathing and drinking. If the above seems like fun maybe she is the one for you.

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