Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Taking the Boat out- 975 Days

Every year we go through this same struggle. The boat has to come out of the water before the frost of Michigan freezes it. We never want to take it out. Reality is that we don't get it out much after labor day because of the children's school schedule of soccer, gymnastics, cello, and dance. We really should take it out the weekend after labor day, but doing so is like taking part of your life away. I really miss the sailing. Sailing pours life into me like no other thing I do. I used to love winter when I could snowmobile my heart away as a child. Now winter is a long dark frozen wasteland of reading about sailing. I can hardly handle it.
I hope that somebody needs a delivery done this year. I think I would take the time to do the delivery this year. I don't think I can make the whole season without a fix.
Help help, I am being oppressed!

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