Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sailing in too much wind, too little wind, or from the wrong direction - Day 962

The rules of Sailing are as follows: You have too much wind, to little wind, or it is from the wrong direction. If you are going to like sailing you pretty much have to enjoy each of these three modes of sailing. I enjoy all three, the third only if I am not trying to make a schedule. (Another rule from sailing - no making schedules.) They are all part of the challenge that makes it fun. If you find yourself repeating the trifecta mantra of too much, too little, or wrong direction there is a name for you: Powerboater. Yes, a twin engine system is in your future. You will enjoy filling your diesel tanks while proclaiming with pride that you used to have a sailboat and now you don't need to bother with the wind. There is a huge divide between the powerboat community and the sailboat community. Here is why. It is a light air day and I have spent the last half hour getting my sails set up just right and getting the boat moving. Along comes Mr. Powerboater who sees a sailboat as something to investigate, but not slow down for. Mr. Powerboater blows by me at 45 knots. I am forced to turn into his wake or get soaked and start trimming all over again.
This is why I listen to my VHF radio so closely. I have towed three of these smokers in after their engine has failed. Nothing makes me happier than towing a powerboat in from three miles out - at 4 knots.
One sailboat: 20 grand.
VHF radio: 200 dollars.
Towing a powerboater who completely depends on his engine: Priceless.

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