Thursday, October 06, 2005

Remember the dream- DAY974

Children dream large, unaware of cages. Youths dream large but are caged. Adults make their cage and can’t remember their dream. I have built my cage and I don’t like it. I look at others in their cages and wonder if they ever dream.
Sailing takes me out of the cage.
But I need a cage to afford to sail. At least it seems like it. It is so safe and comfortable. I know where my paycheck is coming from. It is known. Dreams require going into the unknown. When I was a child I didn’t realize that you had to take others with you when you dreamed. I guess little boys don’t dream of that day of being married. What if your dream isn’t the dream of those around you. Is this why marriage fails? Different dreams? Does one like the cage they built and the other wish to be free? Lucky me, my wife is happiest when she is with me – caged or not. She has been with me through my failure in business, a broken dream. Pain. She was still there. When you take your children on your dream is it ok that they don’t choose your dream? They seem unaware. They are happiest when they are trusted, and nurtured and loved. Poor or rich isn’t a cage for them. Is this something about what Jesus said when he said be like the children? What is your dream? Did you build your cage in an attempt to reach a dream? Did you forget the dream in the process? I did.

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good stuff Rolland...

yer old friend Peter T. from GR :)