Monday, October 03, 2005

Rachael's sailing history

I was raised on a farm with six other siblings. We were expected to work at a young age during the long hot, humid, summer. One way that this would remain bearable was taking a break and trailering dad's 24 foot sailboat to Lake Macatawa in Holland. We had a system all worked out for getting the mast ready and getting the boat in the water. We would then motor (what seemed like ages) the boat up to Lake Michigan with our feet hanging over the side. O wow, fresh air and lots of fresh water, and no stinky work for the afternoon! We would then head south to what we would call the "sand bowl". We would anchor there, jump in the cold water, swim to the beach, climb the dunes, run down like man men and if we were lucky have some burgers with cheese to grill. Reluctantly going home we would drag behind the boat on ropes and life jackets staying in the water as long as possible. Eventually we would climb back on board all sunburned and ready for dozing on deck.

These were usually the extent of my sailing trips as a child, short trips. Ironically, looking back i think dad motored most of the time. Our time was limited leaving us with limited places to go, the wind usually not in our favor.

(some inside thoughts)
So why do i love sailing so much? Was it a good childhood memory of an escape from a long week of working? A sense of community of working with siblings and getting us together outside of work? We did more motoring than sailing, so was it just being on the water that i liked? Where did that good feeling of just loving it come from? Who knows, i still love it.

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Dan has sent you a link to a blog:

just read the history of your sailing, it's too bad you could not stay at castleton fot a while. You sure sound like a well rounded woman that I would like to get to know!! Good luck in your journies through life. Maybee we will meet sometime for that lunch you missed! Keep in touch DAN

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