Thursday, October 20, 2005

Amazing things you find out about people on a Sailboat- Day 960

Usually when you meet a person for the first time you are meeting them in an surroundings that they are used to being in. A party, for instance, is designed with elements that bring people together like food and drink and comfortable surroundings. When you meet someone there you get to see the person that they are trying to be. A sailing experience tends to strip away the nice veneer that people put up in front of each other. I have watched grown adults melt like children, and I have seen children rise to the task and act like adults. Seasickness is one of the more interesting side effects of sailing. I am convinced that seasickness is completely a thing that happens in your head. If you think you are going to get seasick, you most likely will. It is less likely for the skipper or the person at the helm to get seasick because in those positions you will feel like you are in control. I have been seasick only once in my life. It was a day that I felt a member of my crew was doubting me, and I wasn't at the helm. I was utterly amazed at how debilitating seasickness is. I have observed that the people that come on our boat who trust me and our crew and listen to what we tell them to do are less likely to get seasick. The ones who get sick are the ones who don't take the medicine and don't listen to the pre-trip briefing. Sailing requires that you work with other people. Sailing requires that you listen to a chain of command. If you don't work with others and listen, bad things happen. When someone comes on the boat, we get to find out who they really are. The fear of seasickness and waves tend to take all the pretense out of a person. Sailing is the anti-party. It is the place where I get to really meet the person, not the persona.

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